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Digitech DSB Screaming blues overdrive

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The Screamin' Blues Overdrive / Distortion is designed for guitarists who need a pedal that responds to playing dynamics. Blues players in particular will love how the Screamin' Blues gives them total control of their tone. Playing lightly gives you a mild overdrive, but dialing up the gain and digging in hard will make the Screamin' Blues sing with ultra-rich harmonics and sustain.


  • Level controls distortion output level.
  • Low adjusts boost and cut of bass frequencies.
  • High adjusts boost and cut of upper harmonics.
  • Gain sets the maximum distortion amount when playing your hardest.
  • Dual Outputs. The Amp output is for connecting directly to a guitar amplifier. The Mixer output features Cabinet Emulation circuitry for connecting directly to a mixing board or recording device.

Product Description

DigiTech Screamin Blues Overdrive Distortion Pedal brings powerfully dynamic blues grit to your rig. The Screamin' Blues Overdrive-Distortion pedal is for those guitarists who need a responsive pedal that recognizes the intricate playing dynamics that comes with being a blues man. Blues players from all around have shown their love and respect to the Screamin' Blues for giving them the most control of tone possible in a compact low cost overdrive. It's all in how you play it, strumming lightly will give you a mild, warm overdrive sound, but push the gain and pound the strings and you've got a heavy sustaining, dirty blues tone that screams with all the ultra-rich harmonics you can handle. DigiTech Screamin Blues Features Level, Low/High and Gain adjustments to dial in your sound Dual Outputs Amp output for connecting directly to a guitar amplifier Mixer output for connecting directly to a mixing board or recording device Cabinet Emulated Circuitry for mixer output Hours of playtime from one 9-volt battery 6-year warranty (register through the mail or DigiTech's website)
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