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Electro-Voice Dual 8" 2-W VI Speaker White

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About Electro-Voice EVI-28



The Electro-Voice EVI-28 Dual 8" 250W 2-Way Variable Intensity White Loudspeaker (Single) is a 250-watt, two-way, high-efficiency system featuring a new small-format Vari Intense horn and dual 210mm (8") direct radiators in a compact vented enclosure. The EVI-28 combines patented-Vari Intense technology with amplitude, frequency and delay shading techniques in a fully passive system to a package that is an industry first in performance, size and cost-effectiveness. 

The EVI-28 is intended to be used as a stand-alone full-range system, but may also be used as the midbass/high-frequency component in most multi-way loudspeaker systems. The primary applications for the EVI-28 are in smaller rooms, rooms with lower ceilings than applicable for the EVI-12 and EVI-15 and as a complementary system for upper balconies and un der-balcony areas. The system is optimized for regular throws on sloped floorplans of approximately 10 to 15 degrees or long throws on a flat floorplan relative to the mounting height. 

The high-frequency section of the EVI-28 utilizes a new small-format Vari Intense horn driven by the DH2010A one-inch throat, wide-bandwidth, titanium-diaphragm compression driver. This driver uses a unique, convex-drive Time Path phasing plug structure (U.S. Patent #4,525,604). The voice coil is coupled to the diaphragm with EV's exclusive Resonant Drive technology. This increases and smooths the high-frequency response and reduces the amount of internal equalization for flat frequency response past 25,000 Hz.

EV's self-resetting PRO circuit is built into the crossover network to guard the compression driver from damage. If input power to the driver exceeds the nominal rating, the pro circuit is activated, reducing the power delivered to the driver by 6 dB. The system will remain in this mode of operation until input power is reduced to a safe level. 

The optimally vented bass section of the EVI-28 is designed using Thiele-Small parameters for efficient performance to below 60 Hz. The dual proprietary 210mm (8") high power, long excursion low frequency drivers deliver outstanding performance. The woofers feature a low-mass extended 51mm (2") diameter voice coil combined with a large magnet structure, a stiff, high-internal-damping cone and high-temperature materials for years of reliable performance. 

The EVI-28 full-range Vari Intense loud speaker system is the ideal system when ever high output full frequency range material must be reproduced for balconies, cinemas, distributed systems and smaller rooms in churches, gymnasiums, auditoriums, hotels and civic centers.


Electro-Voice EVI-28 Features

  • Ground-breaking advance in single box utility
  • New small-format Vari Intense horn for consistent SPL throughout the room
  • DH2010A titanium compression driver
  • Dual 8" high-power woofers with amplitude, frequency and delay shading
  • 1400-watt peak, 250-watt long-term power capacity
  • Secure terminal strip inputs
  • Compact, lightweight, refinishable, easy-to-install

Electro-Voice EVI-28 Specifications

Axial Frequency Response
Low-Frequency 3-dB-Down Point
62 Hz
Usable Low-Frequency Limit
50 Hz (10-dB-Down Point)
Half-Space Reference Efficiency
Power Handling Capacity
250 watts, long-term continuous (8-hour)
350 watts, short-term continuous (2-hour)
1400 watts, peak power
Maximum Woofer Acoustic Output
3.8 watts
93 dB (SPL at 1 watt, 1 meter input, anechoic environment, swept sine wave, 62-25,000Hz)
Maximum Output
116 dB SPL, long-term continuous
117.5 dB SPL, short-term continuous
123.5 dB SPL, short-term peak
Short-Throw Horizontal
110 degrees +/-20 degrees (800-20,000Hz)
Long-Throw Horizontal
65 degrees +/-20 degrees (1,000-20,000 Hz)
65 degrees +/-20 degrees (600-20,000Hz)
Directivity Factor
Rθ (Q) 1,600 - 20,000 Hz average: 11.7 (+3.5,-3.8)
Distortion, 0.1 Full Power Input
Second Harmonic
100 Hz: -49 dB, 0.35%
1000 Hz: -51 dB, 0.3%
10,000 Hz: -27 dB, 4.5%
Third Harmonic: 
100 Hz: -50 dB, 0.3%
1000 Hz: -58 dB, 0.1%
10,000 Hz: -44 dB, 0.6%
Transducer Complement
Low Frequency: Dual 8" high-efficiency, high power woofers
High Frequency: DH2010A driver
Box-Tuning Frequency: 67 Hz
Crossover Frequency
2,000 Hz
Crossover Slope
Low Pass: 12 dB per octave with frequency, delay and amplitude shading
High Pass: 12 dB per octave
Nominal: 8 Ohms 
Minimum: 6.2 Ohms (225 Hz)
Input Connections
Large shielded screw terminals for up to 10 gauge wire
Driver Protection, High Frequency
Solid-state self-resetting circuit (PRO circuit) drops output 6 dB
Direct-radiating vented LF, built of 12mm (0.5") 9-ply and 18mm (0.71") 13-ply birch plywood with appropriate bracing, lined with flame-retardant cotton batting
Dimensions (H x W x D)
353 x 496 x 523mm / 13.89 x 19.52 x 20.59"
16.3kg / 35.94lbs
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