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Electro-Voice HA Kit S/S Arraying 2 Speakers B

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The Electro-Voice Mb300 horizontal array kit contains two brackets and eight of each of the following: 5/16-18 x 1 hex-head bolts, 5/16 lock washers, 5/16-18 nuts. This particular model comes in a black wrinkle powder coat finish.

The Mb300 is used in conjunction with the Mb200 installation bracket to create a speaker array.  The array can be constructed in either of two angular configurations:

  • Speakers side by side (50° angle) for a tight array
  • Speakers spread slightly (60° angle) for wider coverage

(Note that a full 360° array can only be accomplished with the 60° angle pattern.)

Suspension of the speaker array is made easy with the four 12.7-mm (0.5-in.) holes located on the Mb300. A cable, chain quick link, or other suitable hardware which is rated for overhead lifting (not supplied with this kit) can be used to connect to the array for flying.

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