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Electro-Voice Telex UHF NB Diver Ant/PS CS

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The TEL-UAD4 from Telex is a UHF narrowband (600-780 MHz) diversity antenna and power splitter/combiner system for (4) FMR-500, FMR-1000 or SAFE-1000 series receivers. It includes rack ears and cables for front mounting antennas as well as interconnect cables for (8) receiver antennas (TNC), and (4) 2' power cables for receivers. Antennas and termination plugs available separately.

The UAD4 amplified antenna splitter makes it possible to operate four UHF wireless diversity microphone receivers using only two antennas. It also features a high degree of output isolation; a necessity in multi-frequency systems to prevent intermodulation. The UAD4 Splitter is compatible with Electro-Voice and Telex UHF diversity wireless receivers.


  • Provides antennas and power for 4 diversity receivers
  • Internal switching power supply with IEC cord
  • Optional 12 DC phantom power on the antenna inputs to drive the UAA-500 UHF antenna amplifier
  • makes long runs of coaxial cable practical
  • Green LED On Indicator on front panel
  • Can be cascaded to supply more than four receivers
  • Thicker rack ears and mounting plate to withstand rigors of the road
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