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Nord - C2 Organ with Drawbars and waterfall action

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Complete with 2 sets of physical drawbars per manual, the Nord C2D is the ultimate portable organ for musicians that play with their drawbars as well as the keys. The new left-hand preset sections offer an unsurpassed level of hands-on control and the upper manual and panel has been tilted for better ergonomics. A LCD-display has been added for easier access to programs and settings.

The Nord C2D features a redesigned simulation of the characteristic mechanical key clicks that are an essential component of the classic tone-wheel experience. Furthermore, the redesigned percussion model offers increased control over the percussion levels when playing near-legato.

The Nord C2D also includes a redesigned Rotary Speaker simulation of a vintage 122 unit.

Naturally, the Nord C2D also includes both the Vox and Farfisa transistor organ simulations and the sampled Baroque Pipe Organ from the acclaimed Nord C2 Combo Organ.

Two-tiered drawbar organ with the most popular classic organ simulations from its predecessor.



Master Level Control

126 Program Locations

2 Live Buffers

Organ Section

Classic Tonewheel Organ, Vox Continental- and Farfisa-models with full polyphony

Pipe Organ, baroque style with 21 stops (Polyphony depends on the stops being used)

Bass models (tonewheel, synthbass, and pipe organ bass)

20 digitally controlled drawbars

6 Drawbar Presets per Program Location

Percussion Controls

Vibrato/Chorus/Tremulant Control

Pipe Organ Stops and Couplers

Swell (Manual II)

Fugara 8

Rohrfl?te 8

Principal 4

Spitzfl?te 4

Nasat 3

Fl?te 2

Vox Celeste

Scharf II-III

Oboe 8

Great (Manual I)

Principal 8

Gamba 8

Gedackt 8

Octava 4

Rohrfl?te 4

Qvinta 3

Octava 2

Mixtur III-IV

Trumpet 8


Subbas 16

Fagot 16

Gedackt 8



SW 16/GR


Swell 16

Swell 4



Effect Section

3-band Equalizer


3 types of Speaker Simulations - including Rotary Speaker with selectable speed (slow - stop - fast)

Delay - with feedback and tap-tempo function

Reverb - 5 algorithms


2 x 61 Medium Weighted Waterfall Keys


Stereo headphone output: 1/4", 6.35mm stereo jack

2 line level audio outputs, L&R: 1/4", 6.35mm jacks, unbalanced

High level outputs: 11-pin Leslie standard connector, 1/4", 6.35mm jack

Monitor input: 1/8", 3.5mm stereo jack

Sustain pedal input: 1/4", 6.35mm jack - Use a momentary pedal, like e.g, Roland DP-2, DP-6, Yamaha FC-4, FC-5, Fatar VFP1-25 etc. (all sold separately)

Rotor control input: 1/4", 6.35mm jack - Use a momentary pedal or a switch type pedal or the Half Moon switch (accessory, not included)

Swell pedal input: 1/4", 6.35mm TRS stereo jack - Use a Control/Expression pedal like e.g. Yamaha FC-7, Roland EV-5 etc.

MIDI In: 5-pin DIN connector

MIDI Out: 5-pin DIN connector

Bass Pedal MIDI In: 5-pin DIN connector

USB: type B connector

IEC320 C7 power connector

Included Accesories

Owner's Manual

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