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Peavey Receiver 72.9 MHz

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Peavey's Assisted Listening 72.9 MHz Wireless Receiver connects to Peavey Assisted Listening Transmitter. This receiver is a single channel unit with wide band modulation for quality audio. Unlike infrared listening devices, this receiver can be used outdoors and indoors in bright light without affecting performance, and has a wireless operating range of 300 feet.
The receiver operates on a single frequency in the 72.9 MHz auditory assistance band. Frequency stability is controlled by a phase locked loop synthesizer with crystal reference and accurate within +/-0.005% over 32-122°F. The receiver de-emphasis is 75 uS. The receiver has a 3.5mm headphone output jack mounted on the top panel.
The receiver is powered by two AA batteries and has an OFF/ON/VOLUME control mounted on the top panel, LED lamp to indicate battery strength, and an antenna on the earphone/ear bud cord.

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