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We offer the best consignment deal in TORONTO and your instruments are marketed WORLWIDE.  Check out our packages below...

Package 1

0% consignment fee(Net consigment).  You set the price(we can help recommend a reasonable price) and you are guaranteed that price upon the sale of your instrument.  With this package your instrument is marketed in store, on our website and facebook. 

Package 2

15% consignment fee.  Package 2 is for customers who want to set the in-store price.  Your instrument will be marketed in-store, on our website and facebook.

Package 3 - full monty

Package 3 offers our customers the chance to take it to the next level.  This package offers options such as financing buyers and auction style sales.  Package 3 markets your instrument in-store and through our e-commerce mediums such as our website, facebook and other industry websites.

This level of consignment yields the fastest sale of your instrument.  Please contact us for pricing(depends on the price of your instrument) 416.222.8222.

Please note; Tundra Music offers exclusive rates to our customers for shipment through UPS; there is no package and handling fee if you instrument is shipped.  Customers receive payment once the instrument is sold and the payment has been received in full.