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Gibson Releases the 1968 Custom, 1974 Custom and the all new L-9!!!!  Check it out...

Gibson Releases the 1968 Custom, 1974 Custom and the all new L-9!!!! Check it out...

New Gibson Custom guitars.... mouth watering...

Here at Tundra Music we have had the opportunity to several of the original 1968 Gibson Les Paul Customs and Gibson 1974 Les Paul Customs guitars in Canada and to the USA. We also plan on selling more if they come up. As a more affordable and accessible guitar, the Custom Shop Gibson are surpassing the quality of their guitars year after year and we are very excited to share these new models that are some of the old and some of the new…with you..

This guitar is available to order immediately to links below and you can also finance your instrument with the best finance rates in Canada here. Feel free to contact us at 1-855-643-2787 option 1 if you have any questions or want to get one allocated to you.  Enjoy…

Gibson Custom Shop 1968 Les Paul Historic Reissue – Ebony

The new 1968 Les Paul Custom from Gibson Custom reaches back into the company’s less notorious era of craftmenship, where a few gems were slow to get their due in the bright glow of the models that had risen to fame in the wake of the 1950’s. Among those guitars to achieve legendary status outside of the most acknowledged period of Gibson’s past, the 1968 Les Paul Custom is a true stand out. More than a few Rock Stars burned bright in the late 1970’s and 80’s with a Les Paul Custom in hand from Gibson’s late 1960’s and early 1970’s line up. Today’s 1968 Les Paul Custom incorporates the same feature line up as is found on its original counterpart while offering the consistent, high craft and material quality of modern era Gibson Custom Historic Reissue guitars.

Among the features that highlight the new ’68 Les Paul Custom is the incorporation of several details carried over from the True Historic range, including re-engineered pickup rings, wet-sanded, thin lacquer finish and double-carved, hand sanded top and neck carve. Other fine details include rolled fingerboard binding, ’69 Custom braided, 2 wire pickups and Black Cat capacitors. All of the minutia adds up to a replica that captures, not only the best of the originals that were built in 1968, but at a level of craft that exceeds to standards of the guitar’s era.


Body – 2 Piece Maple Top

Neck – 1 Piece All Mahogany Neck, Long Neck Tenon

Fingerboard – Solid Ebony

Inlay – Pearly Blocks

Nut – Nylon

Finish – Vintage Lamp Black

Tuners – Waffle Back

Bridge – ABR w/ Metal Saddles and Wire

Tailpiece – Lightweight Aluminum Stopbar

Bridge Pickup – 68 Custom Duolbe Black AL2 Braided Wire

Neck Pickup – 68 Custom Double Back AL2 Braided Wire

Headstock – LP Custom

Hardware – Gold

Knobs – Black Witch Hats w/ Gold V&T Insert


Collateral – Certificate of Authenticity

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Gibson Custom Shop 1974 Les Paul Custom Historic Reissue

The 1970’s specification Les Paul Custom guitars from Gibson represent a unique stop along the road of the company’s post 1950’s history. As a manufacturing changed to value efficiency, some of the craft and skill of previous generations of Gibson found themselves in unfamiliar territory, trying to balance an unshakable dedication to quality with a world moving at a pace that barely allowed it. Through all of those challenges, key models of Gibson were adapted to include new processes, materials and construction philosophies. While not all Gibson guitars emerged with the same level of prestige as generations past, there were some that managed to cement a solid reputation among players. Among those, the 1974 Les Paul Custom, which was built on the now legendary “sandwich” body, found its way into the hands of several key artists of the 1970’s and 80’s, carving out a consistent place as one of Gibson’s post-50’s icons. Now considered a bonafide vintage find amongst collectors, the 1974 Les Paul us re-introduced for 2015.

Unlike the era it came from, today’s 1974 Les Paul Custom receives the benefit of Gibson Custom’s modern era craftsmanship and materials quality, which means consistency, reliability and overall quality not matched by any other guitar maker.

To retain the original’s overall tone and feel, the key factors to its success, Gibson Custom constructs the ’74 Custom’s body in multiple layers of maple and mahogany, a composition now referred to as the “sandwich” body. Like the original, today’s ’74 Custom also features a 3 piece maple top, Super ’74 pickups in the neck and bridge and Black Cat capacitors, all ingredients to the original ‘74’s tone.

To make it a can’t miss comeback, the Gibson Custom Historic 1974 Les Paul Custom incorporates several features borrowed from the True Historic range including double carved and hand-sanded neck and top, wet-sanded finish, rolled fingerboard binding, True Historic pickup covers and long neck tenon to name just a few.

  • -Offered in Vintage Lamp Black, Classic Vintage White and Vintage Wine Red Finished.


Body – 3Piece Plain Maple Top, 3 Ply Sandwich Body(Maple and Mahogany)

Neck – 3 Piece All Mahogany, Long Neck Tenon

Fingerboard – Solid Ebony

Inlay – Pearl Blocks

Nut – Nylon

Finish – Vintage Lamp Black, Classic Vintage White and Vintage Wine Red

Tuners – Waffle Back

Bridge – ABR w/ Metal Saddles and Wire

Tailpiece – Lightweight Aluminum Stopbar

Bridge Pickup – Super ’74 with True Historic Gold Covers

Headstock – LP Custom

Hardware – Gold

Knobs – Black with Hats w/ Gold V&T Insert


Collateral – Certificate of Authenticity

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Gibson Custom Shop L-9

A Les Paul Inspired Archtop with a Mind of Its Own

At first glance, the familiarity of the Gibson Custom L9 might easily look like a simple nod to the burning legacy of its solid body cousin the Les Paul. But take a deeper look, and a deeper listen, and you’ll find a breakthrough in tone and playability never before found on a meticulously hand crafted arch top guitar. Yes, its Les Paul inspired beauty is undeniable, but a Gibson Arch Top lives within the expectations of the finest carved top guitars in the world. There’s no room for simply being clever with looks. Underneath all that gorgeous “Gibsonness” is a guitar rich in tone and playability.

Beginning with a newly designed inner top carve, the L9 takes advantage of two ’57 classic pickups with a brilliantly wide tonal palette. For starters, by designing just enough of “the right” mass around the pickups the L9 minimize feedback. Rather than stop there, Gibson’s craftspeople have also used their expertise in tuning carved tops to dial in a range of tones that span from classic jazz to thick, punchy rock. As part of the development of the L9, Gibson found that its Bumble capacitor set, CTA pots and hand-wired harness made the perfect complement to its size and acoustic personality, so the familiar Gibson vintage tone jumps forward when called upon, while still yielding the necessary delicateness when asked to deliver a more subdued range from muted to cutting jazz and classic rock tones.

To keep the L9 light, a Gibson Custom Lightweight Aluminum tailpiece headlines a purely vintage set of Gibson appointments, all coming together for a presentation that sets it apart. So, while you might love to look at the L9, you won’t want to miss the chance to take a listen. Its beauty is just the beginning.


Top – 2 Piece Figured Maple

Body – Mahogany

Neck – 1 Piece Mahogany

Fingerboard – Solid Indian Rosewood

Inlay – Cellulose Trapezoid

Nut – Nylon

Finish – Cherry Sunburst

Tuners – Kluson Deluxe

Bridge – ABR with Thumbwhels

Tailpiece – Lightweight Aluminum

Neck Pickup – ’57 Classics

Bridge Pickup – ’57 Classics

Headstock – L9 Headstock Profile

Hardware – Nickel

Plastics/Binding – Cream

Knobs – Gold Top Hats

Collateral – Certificate of Authenticity in Leather Binder

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26th Apr 2015 Tundra Music & Gibson Custom Shop

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